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It's Your Oregon: Lisa Frack It's Your Oregon: Lisa Frack
Lisa says that if she could change one thing in the world to protect the environment, it would be to “seriously reduce consumption of unnecessary consumer goods since so much of our pollution and waste is generated by their production – starting with myself!”
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20-minute Living: Building Communities for Big Ideas

What if everything you needed was within 20 minutes of your home? Your office, grocery store, your child's school, even the train station. That is exactly the concept behind 20-minute living—being able to do all the necessary and enjoyable things that make life great within 20 minutes of your home. Twenty minutes by foot, transit or bike is the goal.
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Eco-Healthy Home Challenge

The way you maintain your home can make a big difference to your family’s health. Get our room-by-room checklist to give your home an eco-healthy checkup, and use our guide to learn about changes you can make to improve your home environment.
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Breast Cancer

12% of girls born today are expected to develop invasive breast cancer. But there's hope: if we can learn more about cancer risks in our environment, and work to reduce them, we can give our kids a better chance at a healthy future.
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4 for the 4th: Free Oregon fun

Happy Independence Day! Here are OEC's July 4th tips for celebrating freedom with all that's free in Oregon.

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