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It was 1972. The US Congress passed the Clean Water Act. One amazing provision was for funds to support citizen education. Another provided citizen lawsuits for enforcement. Washington and Oregon citizens worked together for an education conference to be held in Seattle, near the University of Washington.
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Values and Beliefs

We bring Oregonians together for a healthy environment.

We also have a pdf version of our Values and Beliefs available.

Adopted October 2011

We believe
that lasting environmental stewardship requires addressing human-influenced environmental degradation through transformative strategies.

We act on that belief by putting forward creative solutions that are based on sound scientific and economic analysis and address root causes of environmental degradation.


We believe that a healthy environment is critical for Oregon’s prosperity.

We act on that belief by creating and advocating solutions that build a sustainable economy.


We believe that individual Oregonians, joining together, can positively impact our shared environment.

We act on that belief by empowering people to demonstrate environmental stewardship and participate in the democratic process. It’s your Oregon!


We believe that Oregonians will choose sound environmental practices when barriers are removed and incentives are created. At the same time, those who violate environmental laws and squander our natural resources must be held accountable.

We act on that belief by helping to break down barriers and create incentives for environmental protection, and by supporting environmental regulation and enforcement when needed.


We believe that solving Oregon’s environmental challenges requires the active participation of a broad range of interests and stakeholders who have important information, perspectives, and ideas to share. We recognize that lasting change requires collaboration and ownership among affected parties. For solutions to be widely embraced, they must be shared.

We act on that belief by bringing Oregonians together and respecting diverse interests and viewpoints. We begin with the presumption that all Oregonians want a healthy environment, and therefore seek to avoid alienating potential allies unnecessarily. Some narrow special interests may seek to avoid change or maintain adversarial battle lines; we work around them to achieve results.


We value equity. Certain communities in Oregon—particularly people-of-color, indigenous, and low-income communities—suffer disproportionately from environmental degradation and have the fewest resources to face environmental challenges. Lawmakers and institutions promoting environmental protections have a responsibility to involve disproportionately impacted communities in decision-making and to work to improve these conditions.

We act on those values by working to understand the needs of disproportionately impacted communities and working to find equitable solutions that enhance their wellbeing.


We value honesty and integrity and recognize that trust is essential for building environmental cooperation.

We act on those values by treating everyone we work with respectfully, mindful that we are building long-term relationships. We are transparent about our goals and decision-making processes. When we disagree with others, we do so openly and respectfully.


We value the efforts of everyone working for a healthy environment—from our fellow environmental organizations to agencies responsible for protecting our health and environment to businesses committed to sustainable practices—and we appreciate the diversity of approaches.

We act on that value by recognizing and applauding the efforts of others and seeking ways to jointly reach common goals.

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