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Act Now: Water Can’t Wait

Even as we experience one of the wettest winters in a decade, the future of Oregon's water resources is uncertain, and NOW is the time to speak up.

Nature doesn’t waste water. Why should we?

This year on World Water Day, the United Nations Water program is focusing on the impacts of wastewater globally.

Portland Thorns FC EARTH DAY Match with OEC

Portland Thorns FC Earth Day Match with OEC, Saturday, April 15 @ 12 p.m. TICKETS: Timbers.com/earthday - Promo Code: OEC

What I learned on my first Lobby day

One of our ELB members shares key take-aways on what it meant to show up and talk to elected officials about the policies they're building in Salem this session.

Statement RE: Cuts to EPA & Scientific Research

Oregon must stand strong for environmental & scientific standards that protect our health and our economy President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to the environment and scientific research completely disregard the values we in Oregon have held for generations. “These major cuts to EPA will have real impacts on the health of Oregonians across the state” said Andrea Durbin, Executive Director. “Cutting back on air and water programs that protect communities of color and those most vulnerable to pollution means that the costs are just being shifted down the line," said Durbin. "Oregonians will be left with shouldering the costs to protect ...

Videos: Why Oregon should ditch dirty diesel

  At a hearing before the Oregon state Senate Environment and Natural Resources committee in 2017, Dr. Perry Hystad, Epidemiologist, OSU, describes the emerging science that suggests a link between dementia and people who live near major sources of diesel pollution. Watch the video to hear more. Why is diesel exhaust so toxic? Dr. William Lambert, Epidemiologist, OHSU, testifies before the Oregon state senate's committee on Environment and Natural Resources about the unique toxicity of diesel exhaust, and why it warrants controls above and beyond other pollution standards. Diesel exhaust and lung cancer Dr. Perry ...

Watching Out for Oregon’s Well Water

In the United States, we expect that when we turn on our tap at home, clean, potable water will come out – water that we can drink, cook with, and bathe in without consequence.

Clean Engines, Clean Air for Oregon

Last week’s public hearing on SB 1008 Clean Engines, Clean Air Act at the Oregon Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources was a great opportunity to hear from all Oregonians.

Hazy Skies & Air Quality Warnings

In a small rural town in Southern Japan, over the loud speakers, city hall warned “stay indoors, if possible. Wear a facial mask.” A thick haze covered the sky; we didn’t know where it came from.

Public hearing to ditch dirty diesel in Oregon

Last month, health & science experts shared the troubling news on what diesel pollution does to Oregon’s health. Now our leaders want to hear from you: real Oregonians facing a very real health hazard.