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It's Your Oregon: Maradel Gale
The first President of the Oregon Environmental Council, Gale was also the organization’s first lobbyist in 1968. It is to clear-eyed visionaries like Maradel Gale that Oregonians owe much with regard to our state’s ecological heritage.
It's Your Oregon: Katie McNamara
Nice Cubes was Oregon’s first local organic baby-food business, which was launched by McNamara in December 2006. Currently available at 17 natural food stores, including New Seasons, Whole Foods, and People’s Co-op, Nice Cubes looks at, and addresses, the environmental and health impacts of its products from every angle.
It's Your Oregon: Larry Williams
One of the founding members - and first Executive Director - of the Oregon Environmental Council, legendary conservationist Larry Williams speaks about launching a movement, conserving Oregon for future generations, and the fate of detachable pull-tabs.
It's Your Oregon: Peter Spendelow
Peter Spendelow has a Doctorate in Zoology from UW and currently resides in Portland, OR. Peter worked as a recycling/solid waste specialist for the Department of Environmental Quality for 23 years, and he is now the president of Northwest VEG.
It's Your Oregon: Lisa Frack
Lisa says that if she could change one thing in the world to protect the environment, it would be to “seriously reduce consumption of unnecessary consumer goods since so much of our pollution and waste is generated by their production – starting with myself!”
It's Your Oregon: Maggie Collins
Little did I know what was in store in January 1973, when I walked into OEC’s SW Water Street office. Judie (Neilson) Hansen was efficiently managing in a small area full of mis-matched furniture. I explained that Oregon Environmental Council sounded like a good place to volunteer because “environmental” was part of its name. I went away from that first encounter with a copy of Senate Bill 100, which I read that night in a toy-cluttered NE Portland living room after my preschoolers were tucked in.
It's Your Oregon: John Frewing
It was 1972. The US Congress passed the Clean Water Act. One amazing provision was for funds to support citizen education. Another provided citizen lawsuits for enforcement. Washington and Oregon citizens worked together for an education conference to be held in Seattle, near the University of Washington.
It's Your Oregon: Andrea Hunter
I had joined OEC several years before, and had been a home-based volunteer. Don Waggoner, OEC’s president, had a large volume of correspondence relating to his evaluation of Oregon’s Bottle Bill. I had an electric type-writer, and volunteered. On the strength of this, Larry took a chance and hired me. I think he hoped my “people skills” would make up for my typing deficiencies.
It's Your Oregon: Brock Evans
My first summer of climbing and hiking reinforced my feeling that I had arrived in some kind of Paradise. Often I would sit on top of some peak in the North Cascades gazing in awe across its vast wild sweep of mountain-tops in every direction, and think to myself, “hey, I could climb one of these every week-end of my life and never know them all…oh what joy!”
It's Your Oregon: Ann Wheeler
While Ann Wheeler may not think of herself as someone who “can wax eloquent” about Oregon, you only need to spend a little time talking with her to see that she clearly loves the place.
It's Your Oregon: Joe Walicki
Joe Walicki served as OEC’s communication director from 1995 to 1998, and has remained involved with our organization over the years. We recently chatted with Joe about his commitment to Oregon and to the Oregon Environmental Council.
It's Your Oregon Profiles
It's Your Oregon: Dan Carver
I would like to see the land use laws that were implemented by Tom McCall and others enforced so that we can continue the legacy of green that Oregon has built its reputation upon.
It's Your Oregon: Jeanne Carver
My perfect Oregon day is in the interior of Oregon, hiking down one of the great canyons and picnicking by a creek.
It's Your Oregon: Susan Sokol Blosser
My idea of a perfect Oregon day would be in the springtime. Particularly the early morning and dusk. Those are magical times in the vineyard for me and I feel very lucky to see all the diversity of wildlife that we have here.
It's Your Oregon: Alex Sokol Blosser
Oregon, like pinot noir, is never going to be mainstream. Thank God. Oregon will always have its independent streak, whether it’s Ken Kesey or Steve Prefontaine or Mayor Bud Clark or Tonya Harding for that matter.
It's Your Oregon: Allison Sokol Blosser
I would be in Central Oregon in the wintertime. There would be a light snowfall coming down. And I would love to go out for a walk in the fresh snow. I'd bundle up with my scarf, hat, gloves and warm coat and go out for a long walk and just breathe in the clean air and enjoy the beautiful scenery and snow-capped mountains. I’d then come home and sit in front of a fire and read.
It's Your Oregon: Kristi Kates
Kristi Kates is a mother of two and she runs a daycare where kids learn about nature, the environment, and sustainability. Kristi’s membership at OEC exemplifies her wide-ranging efforts to run an Eco-Healthy child care.
It's Your Oregon: Arlene Krasner
Arlene Krasner freely admits that she’s a “city girl.” Having lived on the East Coast for 30 years, she now calls Portland her home. If you ask her what is here favorite place in Oregon, without hesitation she will say, “Portland!”
It's Your Oregon: Melissa Provinsal
Born and raised in Southeast Portland, Oregon, Melissa Provinsal describes her neighborhood as the source of her motivation and passion for the environment.
It's Your Oregon: Karen Shoebottom
Michigan native, Karen Shoebottom moved to Portland four years ago. She began volunteering with the Oregon Environmental Council shortly after seeing Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warning.
It's Your Oregon: Jerry Magee
Jerry Magee is one busy man. He is the Wilderness and National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS) Program Lead for the Oregon-Washington State Office of the Bureau of Land Management, but still makes time to volunteer for OEC.
It's Your Oregon: Cindi O’Neil
Cindi has spent her entire adult life studying nature and forest ecology, and after 25 years with the Forest Service and the Nature Conservancy managing preserves and public lands
It's Your Oregon: Paul Dewey
How did Paul Dewey, a lawyer trained on the East coast and raised in Southwest Kansas, become an early legal champion in Oregon’s environmental movement? It all began in the 1980’s on a horse ranch near Sisters.
It's Your Oregon: Scott & Abby Tuttle Shamblin
Love of nature and for each other inspired Scott & Abby Tuttle Shamblin to connect with OEC.
Taste Your Oregon: Bamboo Sushi - Kristofor Lofgren
Kristofor Lofogren describes why he supports OEC and why sustainability is integral to his Portland restaurant, Bamboo Sushi.
Taste Your Oregon: Lincoln Restaurant - Jenn Louis
Jenn Louis - Owner and Chef, Lincoln Restaurant and Culinary Artistry. It’s really just what we do. When you’re brought up in the Northwest, you just really embrace what we have because we have such great bounty.
Taste Your Oregon: Thyme Restaurant - TR McCrystal
We try to take an approach where we minimize: the quality goes into the preparation of food, and we try to give portions that are more realistic so we won’t have left over food coming back into the kitchen that we can’t use because of health codes.
It's Your Oregon: Ed King
“ 'It’s Your Oregon' means 'It’s Your Responsibility,'" says Ed King, CEO and founder of King Estate Winery. Ed believes that every Oregonian has a responsibility to be a steward of Oregon’s environment.
It's Your Oregon: Ursula K. Le Guin
In "Coast Range Highway, November" Author Ursula K Le Guin shares with readers a lyric glimpse of the Oregon we work to safeguard.
Oregon fog 3
It's Your Oregon: Chuck Johnson
Chuck recalls 30 years ago when OEC was headquartered in a house on Water street, activism happened without copy machines or email, and fighting poorly planned nuclear plants became, he says, the "most miraculous thing I did in my political career."
It's Your Oregon: Michelle McGrath
Michelle is personally and professionally invested in helping Oregon develop a thriving network of healthy, sustainable local economies where farmers have the tools and support they need to succeed.
It's Your Oregon: Jim Owens
Former OEC Board of Directors member and past president, Jim Owens, is encouraged with the changes he has seen both in Oregon and at Oregon Environmental Council. He has a long history of community service, joining OEC’s Board in 1983, and remaining actively involved ever since.
It's Your Oregon: Tony Sarmiento
Residing in a state with a long history of environmental leadership, Tony wants to see Oregon maintain its legacy of clean, renewable energy and promote the implementation of environmentally responsible, renewable resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and wave energy.
It's Your Oregon: Suresh Srinivas
“I enjoy the great outdoors and the excellent produce in Oregon. I would love to protect it for our children.”
It's Your Oregon: Ashley Henry
“I feel remarkably fortunate to live in a state where so many people are pursuing creative solutions to protecting the environment and reviving the economy.”
It's Your Oregon: Linda Reedjik
“Quality of life is in many ways based on the availability of the best our human civilization has to offer—socially, culturally and economically—and the best Mother Nature has to offer in the beauty of our natural surroundings.”
It's Your Oregon: Brooke Weeber
Brooke Weeber, an Oregon artist, created a volunteer appreciation piece for OEC. Though she wouldn’t call herself an environmentalist, she places great value on local parks, mountain snow, safe biking paths and clean rivers—and she acts on her values.
It's Your Oregon: Lauren Roden
She's been a rock climbing instructor, worked to protect orangutans and the other great apes from extinction, handled waterfowl in Idaho's pre-dawn hours--and in 2012, she's been the heart and soul of OEC's volunteer program.
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