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It's Your Oregon: Jim Owens It's Your Oregon: Jim Owens
Former OEC Board of Directors member and past president, Jim Owens, is encouraged with the changes he has seen both in Oregon and at Oregon Environmental Council. He has a long history of community service, joining OEC’s Board in 1983, and remaining actively involved ever since.
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Biofuels for Oregon

Planting the seed for a cleaner environment, a stronger economy, and greater energy independence.

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Biodiesel, a renewable fuel substitute for petroleum diesel, is made from waste grease and oilseed crops like canola (see photo). You can use biodiesel in home heating oil tanks, diesel cars, school buses and other fleets, construction and farm equipment, and marine engines.

Ethanol, a renewable fuel substitute for gasoline, is currently made primarily from corn, but soon will be made from cellulosic feedstocks like waste agricultural and forestry residues. At blends of about 10%, it can be used in any gasoline car; "flex-fuel" vehicles can burn higher blends.

If you're interested in filling up your car or truck with biodiesel or ethanol, check out our user's guide to biofuels and the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Locator.

If you run a business, click here for information on using biodiesel in your fleet.

OEC's October 2007 report, Fueling Oregon with Sustainable Biofuels, details how Oregon can maximize the environmental positives of biofuels, while minimizing any negative consequences. Also see our environmental impacts of biofuels webpage.

OEC advocates for the sustainable production of biofuels, and has prepared a set of guidelines, or best management practices, for production of biofuels.

Learn more about the economic benefits of producing biofuels in Oregon and incentives for biofuels production.

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