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Donalda Dodson

Interim Executive Director, Oregon Child Development Coalition

Salem, OR

donalda.gifDonalda Dodson, 65, is a native Oregonian who lives in Salem.  She is the Interim Executive Director of the Oregon Child Development Coalition.  Donalda has served on the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission since August 2005. Previously, Donalda served as Administrator of the Department of Human Services Office of Family Health and as Manager of the Maternal/Child Health Program at the Marion County Health Department.  In her spare time, Donalda enjoys reading and spending time with her grandchildren.

Donalda had the highest level of PFOS, a chemical found in Scotchgard® and other stain-preventing chemicals.  She also had the third highest total phthalate level.  The rest of her results were low to medium compared to the other participants.


Found in

Potential Effects
on Health

Found in Participant?

Personal care products, certain plastic toys and food containers, medical devices, and vinyl (PVC) products such as flooring, shower curtains, and wall covering

Effects on reproductive development, including feminization of male genital and early puberty onset in girls


Heavy metal which enters the environment through multiple exposure routes—including coal-fired power plants, cement manufacturing plants, abandoned mines and consumer products

Harms nervous system development and can harm organs


(Perfluorinated chemicals)

Group of chemicals used as surfactants and stain protectors. The two PFCs most commonly found in the environment are known as PFOS and PFOA. They have been in use since the 1950s, and build up and persist in the environment and in animals
Cancer and organ damage


Insecticides are commonly used in agriculture and to a lesser extent in urban areas

Toxic effects may include nervous system harm, cancer, and hormone disruption

Bisphenol A
Reusable plastic water bottles and baby bottles, the linings in metal food cans and dental sealants

BPA has been linked to reduced fertility, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and obesity. Recent scientific studies have shown that even low-dose exposure can have negative health impacts


(Polychlorinated biphenyls)

Manufacture of PCBs ended in 1977, after extensive production for use as coolants and lubricants in electrical equipment

PCBs bioaccumulate and persist in the food chain and in our bodies, and have been linked to cancer, effects on the immune and reproductive systems, and effects on nervous system development


Find out more about solutions, as well as ways to reduce your exposure to these toxic chemicals.
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