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Reducing Your Exposure to PCBs

The greatest source of exposure to PCBs for most Oregonians is food. While you cannot completely eliminate PCBs from your diet, there are informed choices you can make to minimize your exposure, specifically:

Choose fish wisely. In Oregon, there are five fish advisories due to PCBs (Bonneville Dam, Lower Columbia, Columbia Slough, Portland Harbor, and Willamette). Check with state advisories prior to eating sport-caught fish or shellfish, which are known sources of PCB exposure. Commercial fish that are high in PBCs include Atlantic or farmed salmon, bluefish, wild striped bass, white and Atlantic croker, blackback or winter flounder, summer flounder, and blue crab.

Prepare fish to minimize PCB exposure. When preparing fish, remove the skin, trim the fat, and broil, bake, or grill the fish so that the fat drips away.

Make your meat lean and limit your consumption of dairy fat. When it comes to meat, choose lean meat cuts and cut off visible fat before cooking meat. Avoid frying meat in lard, bacon grease, or butter. For dairy products, opt for low-fat options.

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