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The Price of Pollution: Cost Estimates of Environmentally Related Disease in Oregon

POPcoverPeople develop disease and disabilities from many reasons. Some, like the common cold and malaria, are infectious and spread through viruses and bacteria. Many diseases and disabilities are due to genetics and are passed down from parents. Others are caused by pollutants and chemicals that we are exposed to in our professions, communities, schools, and homes. These diseases are called environmentally attributable diseases, because they are caused by health risks, such as lead, diesel, pesticides and mercury, in our surroundings, or environment. Environmentally attributable diseases are costly and frequently preventable.

Many environmentally attributable diseases place financial and social burdens on the citizens of Oregon. Click on any link below to read the Oregon Environmental Council's report "The Price of Pollution: Cost Estimates of Environmentally-Related Disease in Oregon."

Click here to download the whole report [PDF:440 KB]

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction and Previous Studies

3. Study Methodology

4. Disease-Specific Cost Analyses

5. Summary of Findings

6. Discussion and Recommendations

7. Reference List

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