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Baby Shower Kit - Decorations

With thoughtful planning, decorations can be earth-friendly and festive without ending up in the trash.

Too often, the decorations that make an occasion festive only end up in the trash. But with some thoughtful planning, decorations can be earth-friendly.

Instead of mylar or latex balloons:

Look for paper balloons or paper lanterns, or make your own origami paper balloons.

Instead of confetti:

Look for freeze-dried or fresh flower petals. Dried rose buds can sometimes be bought in bulk at co-ops or food markets in the tea and spice section.

Instead of streamers:

Ask the quilters and sewers among your friends and family to share colored cloth and ribbons. You can create re-useable streamers!

A centerpiece:

Limes, lemons and oranges in a pitcher or vase make a lovely centerpiece.

Instead of cut flowers:

Decorate with potted plants for the baby’s nursery or native plants that can grow outside baby’s window.  

Thanks to our Master Gardener friends, here’s a list of plants that are native to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. These will do well either potted inside a home or planted outside a window:

• Aster • Columbine • Shooting Star
• Bearberry (Kinnickinnikc)
• Daisy • Solomon Seal
• Bleeding Heart (Dicentra formosa)
• Ferns • Trillium
• Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis)
• Goldenrod • Violets
• Buttercups • Oregon Iris • Wild Geranium
• Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria)
• Pearly Everlasting
• Wild Strawberry

If you do want to use cut flowers, consider companies that use local, sustainable and organic flowers either at your local farmers market or companies such as:

Lavish Flora


Queen Bee Flowers


Starflower 503-225-9400

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