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For Business: On the Way to Carbon Neutral

A Roadmap for Improving Your Company’s Bottom Line by Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

carbon-neutral.jpgSo you’re exploring the idea of reducing your company’s carbon footprint. You want to save money, enhance your brand value, beat the competition, get ahead of future regulations, or simply do the right thing. These are all excellent reasons to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we’ve seen that doing so results in benefits for companies like yours

The question is how to do it. You’ve got a company to run, you're managing limited financial resources, and may not have the time or ability to track all of the different approaches out there to reduce your carbon footprint and develop a plan. Perhaps you’re a small or mid-sized company that does not have dedicated environmental management staff. We’re here to help. The Oregon Environmental Council has researched the best tools and resources available to businesses in Oregon. We’ve compiled them here in a highly adaptable roadmap that you can start putting to use today.

An increasingly popular goal is to go “carbon neutral” – to reduce your company’s greenhouse gas emissions as far as possible through conservation and improved efficiency and to offset remaining emissions by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gases elsewhere, preferably right here in Oregon.

Whether you are planning to make your business carbon neutral, or simply want to save some money by reducing emissions, we have the tools and resources to set you on course. We invite you to check out the links below to find the easiest ways to reduce emissions and take advantage of the resources that are available to help you along the way.

Evaluate and Reduce Your Company’s Energy Use

Go Carbon Neutral

The Business Advantage of Climate Action


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