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It's Your Oregon: Ann Wheeler It's Your Oregon: Ann Wheeler
While Ann Wheeler may not think of herself as someone who “can wax eloquent” about Oregon, you only need to spend a little time talking with her to see that she clearly loves the place.
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It's Your Oregon: Scott & Abby Tuttle Shamblin
Love of nature and for each other inspired Scott & Abby Tuttle Shamblin to connect with OEC.
It's Your Oregon: Kristi Kates
Kristi Kates is a mother of two and she runs a daycare where kids learn about nature, the environment, and sustainability. Kristi’s membership at OEC exemplifies her wide-ranging efforts to run an Eco-Healthy child care.
It's Your Oregon: Karen Shoebottom
Michigan native, Karen Shoebottom moved to Portland four years ago. She began volunteering with the Oregon Environmental Council shortly after seeing Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warning.
It's Your Oregon: Tony Sarmiento
Residing in a state with a long history of environmental leadership, Tony wants to see Oregon maintain its legacy of clean, renewable energy and promote the implementation of environmentally responsible, renewable resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and wave energy.
It's Your Oregon: Michelle McGrath
Michelle is personally and professionally invested in helping Oregon develop a thriving network of healthy, sustainable local economies where farmers have the tools and support they need to succeed.
It's Your Oregon: Ursula K. Le Guin
In "Coast Range Highway, November" Author Ursula K Le Guin shares with readers a lyric glimpse of the Oregon we work to safeguard.
It's Your Oregon: Chuck Johnson
Chuck recalls 30 years ago when OEC was headquartered in a house on Water street, activism happened without copy machines or email, and fighting poorly planned nuclear plants became, he says, the "most miraculous thing I did in my political career."
It's Your Oregon: Paul Dewey
How did Paul Dewey, a lawyer trained on the East coast and raised in Southwest Kansas, become an early legal champion in Oregon’s environmental movement? It all began in the 1980’s on a horse ranch near Sisters.
It's Your Oregon: Ed King
“ 'It’s Your Oregon' means 'It’s Your Responsibility,'" says Ed King, CEO and founder of King Estate Winery. Ed believes that every Oregonian has a responsibility to be a steward of Oregon’s environment.
Taste Your Oregon: Thyme Restaurant - TR McCrystal
We try to take an approach where we minimize: the quality goes into the preparation of food, and we try to give portions that are more realistic so we won’t have left over food coming back into the kitchen that we can’t use because of health codes.
It's Your Oregon: Cindi O’Neil
Cindi has spent her entire adult life studying nature and forest ecology, and after 25 years with the Forest Service and the Nature Conservancy managing preserves and public lands
It's Your Oregon: Arlene Krasner
Arlene Krasner freely admits that she’s a “city girl.” Having lived on the East Coast for 30 years, she now calls Portland her home. If you ask her what is here favorite place in Oregon, without hesitation she will say, “Portland!”
Taste Your Oregon: Bamboo Sushi - Kristofor Lofgren
Kristofor Lofogren describes why he supports OEC and why sustainability is integral to his Portland restaurant, Bamboo Sushi.
Taste Your Oregon: Lincoln Restaurant - Jenn Louis
Jenn Louis - Owner and Chef, Lincoln Restaurant and Culinary Artistry. It’s really just what we do. When you’re brought up in the Northwest, you just really embrace what we have because we have such great bounty.
It's Your Oregon: Melissa Provinsal
Born and raised in Southeast Portland, Oregon, Melissa Provinsal describes her neighborhood as the source of her motivation and passion for the environment.
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